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Re: Packages needed in install.img

Well I run ldd on all binaries in install.img to get a list of requried libraries (dependencies).
Then I went over the file lists from packages, and if the particular file was found in the dependency list I added which binary requires that library.
The problem is that ALL the libraries are required by some binary in the install.img :)

I updated the file on http://mgracik.fedorapeople.org/pkglist.tar.bz2

The format is not perfect, but you get the point...


  Martin Gracik

----- "Chris Lumens" <clumens redhat com> wrote:

> > I would be very happy if someone could help me with this, someone
> with
> > deeper knowledge of what files we use and which we don't.
> > It would be nice if we could limit the number of packages that we
> > have, instead of removing one file at a time, to make the
> install.img
> > smaller.
> For starters, we can run ldd on all the binaries we include and get a
> list of all those libraries.  Then, we can trim those libraries out
> of
> the list of potential files to get rid of.  That's where a lot of
> these
> strange libraries are coming from, I bet.
> - Chris
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