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Re: Packages needed in install.img

> Well I run ldd on all binaries in install.img to get a list of requried libraries (dependencies).
> Then I went over the file lists from packages, and if the particular file was found in the dependency list I added which binary requires that library.
> The problem is that ALL the libraries are required by some binary in the install.img :)

Yeah, that's a problem.  Then it seems to me the way forward is to
decrease the number of libraries.  Perhaps some strategic trimming is in

It seems like we have two conflicting goals here:

(1) Use as much regular system stuff.
(2) Keep size to a minimum.

Traditionally we've gone with #2 and used stuff like busybox.  I'm not
really a fan of that.  I'd prefer we go with the system stuff as much as
possible so we get all the same bugs and all the same bug fixes.  Maybe
it's just impossible for us to get these images smaller.

Can you post a listing of the files/directories in the images, sorted by
size?  Maybe looking at them that way will show us the best place to
start on trying to remove stuff.

- Chris

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