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Re: Can I redirect the output of tty3 to ttyS0 during install?

On 03/10/2010 05:54 PM, Ales Kozumplik wrote:
On 03/10/2010 07:34 AM, Li Ming wrote:

Hi Ales,
 Thanks for your reply

I am writing an auto-install python script for fedora install test.I do
this in KVM, create a guest,when boot to grub,I pass the
args(console=ttyS0, console=tty0 ks=http:/server/to/ks.cfg) to kernel
via dogtail, by this way, I can get some output from ttyS0 on host(use
my script to read from guest serial port on host),but this output
information is not enough.During install, I can send key
Ctrl+Alt+F3(virt-viewer can send key), the information in /dev/tty3 is
what I want to get(I can read this data to auto-control the test),as you
know, it also locates in /tmp/anaconda.log, but how I can get this data?
can I pass some args to kernel to direct the output of /dev/tty3 to
serial port like ttyS0?

That would be a question for kernel people.

I thought the /tmp/anaconda.log was generated by anaconda,not kernel,so the information in tty3 was also printed by anaconda,if we can do some settings(giving some argument during boot) and force anaconda print the information which is original in /dev/tty3 to ttyS0, that would be great.

or what other options I can do? I also tried
console=ttyS0 console=tty3,it did not work.I have to do this in
non-network environment.

Now that makes it a limiting requirement, otherwise you could use remote
logging that I have described here:

In the future we plan to use VirtioSerial to transfer logs from virtual
machines when no network is available. Perhaps you could use it in your
scripts already now:

This is a good option, it's worth trying. Thank you very much


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