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RE: Driver Disk version 3 format


Not sure what "=" means here? 
Can you please post an example driver disk? 


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On Mon, 2010-03-29 at 06:45 -0400, Martin Sivak wrote:
> I think we agreed on (and the code is checking for) Provides:
kernel-modules-`uname -r`

Ok. I think we would ideally change it to use the other:

kernel-modules = 2.6.X-Y.elx.x86_64
sym53c8xx-kmod = 2.2.3.rhtest60b1-1.elx
kmod-sym53c8xx = 2.2.3.rhtest60b1-1.elx
kmod-sym53c8xx(x86-64) = 2.2.3.rhtestxxxx-1.elx

But I could add the following:

kernel-modules-uname-r = 2.6.X-Y.elx.x86_64

Otherwise, what would we have? The following perhaps:

kernel-modules-2.6.X-Y.elx.x86_64 = 2.6.X-Y.elx.x86_64



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