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Re: [PATCH rhel6-branch 2/3] Remove an unnecessary network test and bringup in doConfigSetup.

Chris Lumens wrote:
I don't understand why it is unnecessary. But removing seems right
because in ks case we don't want UI interaction - we should probably
check added repos in ks and try to bringUp network if needed
(we do it only for method if we get network command in ks currently).

If you follow the code paths, you'll see there's no point to the check
in doConfigSetup there.  After doConfigSetup, we return to
AnacondaYum.setup.  After that's done, we return to
YumBackend.doBackendSetup.  Scroll down a couple lines and you'll see we
iterate over all enabled repos and bring up the network if needed.

Thanks for explanation. needsNetwork check in doBackendSetup
is positive only on baseurls with http: and ftp:, so particularly the
removed nfs: case is missing. We should probably extend needsNetwork
check to handle also nfs: case, which we can do by checking
anacondaBaseURLs instead of baseurl.


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