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Re: [PATCH rhel6-branch 3/3] Add repos for all addons in all enabled repositories (#580697).

> Do I understand it right that addon repos will play the role
> of repos that used to be added to base repo in configBaseRepo?

Addon repos are repos that supplement the base repo with some number of
packages, and are referred to in the installation media's .treeinfo
file.  Not all addons will be valid for a base repo.

> If so, then I'll have to handle it somehow in repo editing UI,
> at least set anacondaBaseURLs (which is sort of UI url) for them
> similarly as in configBaseRepo. Well, if we want to edit them
> in repo UI at all, because will addon repos stay valid when
> ve change base repo in UI? If not it may call for rework of repo
> editing UI, treating base repos specifically.

Yes we will probably have to make some modifications to the repo editing

However I don't think addons will always stay valid when switching the
base repo.  We will need to check the .treeinfo file for the new base
repo and apply what's valid there.

- Chris

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