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Re: automated storage test framework

> > Currently, this code doesn't live anywhere besides a directory on my
> > computer.  It's not in a local anaconda git branch.  It's not in autoqa.
> > Is there a good place for this stuff to live, or is it destined to be
> > off on its own?
> Committing this to AutoQA seems appropriate to me.  I can see this
> living alongside other installation related tests in AutoQA.  Not sure
> if you have commit privs, but we can certainly fix that.  

I haven't tried before.  Probably?  Maybe?

If I put it into autoqa, what do I do with all the reporting stuff?
Does that then need to get changed to work the way everything else does?

> What frequency do you anticipate having these tests run?  Every new
> anaconda build?

For now, I just see it happening on an as-needed basis.

Eventually, I think I'd like two things to happen:

(1) Get hardware so we can kick off an automatic run when every anaconda
build is completed.  Do we have that kind of notification framework
right now?

(2) Add support for doing a scratch build from anaconda git, creating a
repo with that build, and running against that.  Then individual
developers can test out storage changes they're working on that they
don't have a lot of confidence in.

> > What does everyone think?  Are my test cases too picky?  Not picky
> > enough?  Is there something obviously stupid that I'm doing?  I'd like
> > to get some help plowing through the test matrix before I open this up
> > to the world at large to play with.
> This is amazing stuff!  Well done :)


- Chris

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