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Re-thinking the filter-ui

Hi all,

During my bug triaging I've encountered several bugs, mostly wrt
bootloader issues, caused by people not understanding the filter-ui.

People think that they need to select the disks which they want to
install to, so if they for example have 2 disks, 1 with windows,
and 1 free disk, they only select the free disk.

But as this is the filter ui, anaconda then only sees the free disk,
and will write a grub device.map like this:
(hd0)     /dev/sdb

While correct for these systems usually is:
(hd0)     /dev/sda
(hd1)     /dev/sdb

Now one can simply argue that this is a user error, but I have
to agree with the users filing these bugs, that the filter UI is
rather confusing if you don't know what the idea behind it is.

Also note that in the above scenario, we also have a problem
on the clear_disks ui, as one may want to only select sdb to
clear, yet still boot from sda, which is impossible too.

Thus I think we need to re-think how these things works UI-wise.

Some ideas (for F-14):
1) When basic storage configuration is shown, simply skip the
filter UI completely (leaving exclusive disks empty, and behaving
as pre filter-ui and as kickstart still works). This has the
IMHO large advantage of removing the confusion with having 2 disk
selection screens.

2) In the clear disks ui, make the boot device a drop down below
the 2 disk panes, much like it was before the UI changes. As the bugs
we've been getting about it being unclear how to select which disk
to boot from, and the above use case illustrate what we currently
have does not work all that well from a UI pov.



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