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Re: automated storage test framework

> I would really like to see these tests be run as part of a build, there
> is a reason a spec file can have a %check section, because test cases failing
> is a very valid reason to abort a build.
> I'm not sure how feasible this is though, I guess that for building the
> livecd repo and thus network access is needed, and it will take quite
> a bit of resources too. If others agree it is desirable to run this at
> anacona (package / rpm) build time, we could chat to the infrastructure
> people about this.

I don't think build time is appropriate.  Constructing a livecd on my
workstation takes about 10-15 minutes, and is not even guaranteed to
succeed.  This happens in the case where there's dep problems in the
distribution.  Then just running the handful of test cases I've got now
takes at least another 10-15 minutes.  Once we have fifty or sixty test
cases, we could be talking several hours of runtime.

I definitely understand the desire to have it run at package build time,
which is one reason why I'd like to add support for running out of git.
We could at least rig up automatic builds then and get some of the same

> Are you aware of the scsi_debug module ? That allows you to create fake scsi
> disks with very precise parameters. I guess you can probably make them identical
> enough to make multipath tools think they are a multipath. This would allow
> tests for things like partition aligning (faking 4k physical sector disks), etc.

No, I was not aware of this until right now.  This could be extremely
handy stuff, though.  Is there any way to create fake hardware RAID
devices, too?

- Chris

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