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Re: automated storage test framework


On 05/11/2010 03:58 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
Are you aware of the scsi_debug module ? That allows you to create fake scsi
disks with very precise parameters. I guess you can probably make them identical
enough to make multipath tools think they are a multipath. This would allow
tests for things like partition aligning (faking 4k physical sector disks), etc.

No, I was not aware of this until right now.  This could be extremely
handy stuff, though.  Is there any way to create fake hardware RAID
devices, too?

Well, from an anaconda pov there is nothing different between hardware RAID and
regular disks (other then that some hardware raids like to play games with their
device node names *cough* cciss *cough*).

Or do you mean firmware RAID ? That can be faked by putting metadata on the disks
before starting anaconda / the tests by using dmraid commands.



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