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Re: ReviewBoard

On 05/11/2010 11:56 PM, Brian C. Lane wrote:
It appears that even though RB knows how to parse patches it doesn't
know how to parse the commit message or subject line in the git *.patch
files. This is annoying and adds a couple of redundant tasks in order to
get it reviewed. ie. manually adding a summary via the web interface,
and adding a description. These should be picked up from the patch.

I'm surprised the git plugin isn't working well. Are we the first ones using RB + git? Perhaps one of us could fix that. Of course, RB has to be configured properly and running smoothly first, see my comment below.

Ideally this would be as easy to use as 'git send-reviewboard *.patch'
on the command line.

I know there is an attempt at a command line tool, but when I tried it
last time it wouldn't even recognize that there was an anaconda repo to
add the review to.

I had the same experience. I think that RB is not even linked against the git repo in its config files, because when one clicks the "Expand" link in a patch, RB starts thinking but eventually doesn't load the missing piece of code.

And I don't know about you guys in the States, but here RB is awfully slow.


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