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Re: Removing the number of installation screens (F-14)

> For F-14, I would like to see the number of
> installation screens reduced, thus making the installer more
> friendly for less experienced users.

Always a noble goal.

> 1) Add an "advanced" cmdline option, and when this is not present:
> * Do not ask for advanced storage use
> * Do not ask what sort of installation (workstation / development machine /
>   server) to do, simply do a default install
> * Maybe hide "review partitioning" and "custom layout" partitioning options
> I know people don't like this, but since we target a rather wide audience
> from beginning users to people who want to use SAN's, I really believe we
> need to differentiate between the two, and as has been argued before adding a
> UI to differentiate between the two will only lead to everyone simply selecting
> advanced as they are afraid they will miss out on some choices, so moving this
> to the cmdline where power users will be able to find it, seems like a
> possible answer to me.

Having been down this path before, I'm not really excited about adding
back in an expert command line option.  But, I think there's value in
exploring this concept.

Elsewhere, using install classes have been mentioned.  This is how we
used to offer workstation/laptop/custom options in the installer, and we
had a screen that let you pick which you wanted.  Install classes are
really quite flexible, and we're starting to use them more and more for
RHEL which means they're getting testing once again.

All this makes me wonder - would it be better to approach this selection
at a higher level?  So, instead of picking in anaconda what kind of
install experience you wanted, should your install experience be a
function of what spin of Fedora you downloaded?

Under this idea, the default spin of Fedora (GNOME desktop, basically)
would be equivalent to your above description.  It wouldn't ask about
advanced storage, perhaps hide custom layout, whatever.  Then other
spins could provide their own install class that un-hid certain steps.
Some hypothetical Server or Enterprise spin could un-hide everything to
provide the full confusing installer experience.

What do you think?

- Chris

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