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Re: Removing the number of installation screens (F-14)

Chris Lumens (clumens redhat com) said: 
> Under this idea, the default spin of Fedora (GNOME desktop, basically)
> would be equivalent to your above description.  It wouldn't ask about
> advanced storage, perhaps hide custom layout, whatever.  Then other
> spins could provide their own install class that un-hid certain steps.
> Some hypothetical Server or Enterprise spin could un-hide everything to
> provide the full confusing installer experience.
> What do you think?

This would imply changing what the DVD spin is (and possibly producing
more of them.) I'm not necessarily against that, but it would be 
a larger change.

I'm assuming there's no 'pick which installclass you want' support,
so we couldn't define each spin in terms of an install class, and
include *all* installclasses on the DVD image.


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