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Re: Removing the number of installation screens (F-14)

What about the first anaconda screen having a selection of Default and Custom install radiobuttons for example, where if you choose default, you get a default fs layout, default desktop packages, you just setup the location and root password, and if you want to customize, you choose Custom. We could have a short explanation under each radio button explaining what is the "default" stuff, and what can you customize if using custom/expert.


  Martin Gracik

----- "Chris Lumens" <clumens redhat com> wrote:

> > For F-14, I would like to see the number of
> > installation screens reduced, thus making the installer more
> > friendly for less experienced users.
> Always a noble goal.
> > 1) Add an "advanced" cmdline option, and when this is not present:
> > * Do not ask for advanced storage use
> > * Do not ask what sort of installation (workstation / development
> machine /
> >   server) to do, simply do a default install
> > * Maybe hide "review partitioning" and "custom layout" partitioning
> options
> > 
> > I know people don't like this, but since we target a rather wide
> audience
> > from beginning users to people who want to use SAN's, I really
> believe we
> > need to differentiate between the two, and as has been argued before
> adding a
> > UI to differentiate between the two will only lead to everyone
> simply selecting
> > advanced as they are afraid they will miss out on some choices, so
> moving this
> > to the cmdline where power users will be able to find it, seems like
> a
> > possible answer to me.
> Having been down this path before, I'm not really excited about
> adding
> back in an expert command line option.  But, I think there's value in
> exploring this concept.
> Elsewhere, using install classes have been mentioned.  This is how we
> used to offer workstation/laptop/custom options in the installer, and
> we
> had a screen that let you pick which you wanted.  Install classes are
> really quite flexible, and we're starting to use them more and more
> for
> RHEL which means they're getting testing once again.
> All this makes me wonder - would it be better to approach this
> selection
> at a higher level?  So, instead of picking in anaconda what kind of
> install experience you wanted, should your install experience be a
> function of what spin of Fedora you downloaded?
> Under this idea, the default spin of Fedora (GNOME desktop,
> basically)
> would be equivalent to your above description.  It wouldn't ask about
> advanced storage, perhaps hide custom layout, whatever.  Then other
> spins could provide their own install class that un-hid certain
> steps.
> Some hypothetical Server or Enterprise spin could un-hide everything
> to
> provide the full confusing installer experience.
> What do you think?
> - Chris
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