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Re: Removing the number of installation screens (F-14)


On 05/12/2010 11:00 PM, Bill Nottingham wrote:
Chris Lumens (clumens redhat com) said:
Under this idea, the default spin of Fedora (GNOME desktop, basically)
would be equivalent to your above description.  It wouldn't ask about
advanced storage, perhaps hide custom layout, whatever.  Then other
spins could provide their own install class that un-hid certain steps.
Some hypothetical Server or Enterprise spin could un-hide everything to
provide the full confusing installer experience.

What do you think?

This would imply changing what the DVD spin is (and possibly producing
more of them.) I'm not necessarily against that, but it would be
a larger change.

I'm assuming there's no 'pick which installclass you want' support,
so we couldn't define each spin in terms of an install class, and
include *all* installclasses on the DVD image.

Well that would be an interesting concept, the problem is that adding
a "choice spin" screen means adding a screen, while I would actually
like to see the number of screens removed. Also different spins
have different package sets, and I'm sure we won't be able to fit all
the packages of all spins on a dvd. But the concept of having
an installation type menu with say things like:
Default Desktop (gnome)
KDE Desktop
XFCE Desktop

For the install dvd is interesting, we could then only enable
advanced storage for the Server and Custom installclasses and
only show package selection (both group and customize options)
in the Custom one.

Certainly something worth exploring, so what do others think ... ?



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