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Re: Restructuralization of the sources and data in git repo

On 05/13/2010 09:00 AM, Martin Sivak wrote:

I have prepared (with David's help) a set of patches that move files around and make the repository a bit cleaner and better organized. The biggest changes are moving anaconda files to pyanaconda/, binary stuff (isys, loader, gptsync) to bin/ and support files to data/.

The patched source builds manually (both make all and make dist) and in koji. I haven't tested compose.

I'm open to suggestions, but this structure helped me a lot during my investigation of unittesting approaches.


PS: Do not be fooled by moving isys around, first I thought the best placement for it should be as part of pyanaconda, but after make I quickly changed my mind.

Hi Martin,

I have some objections:
Why do you want to move things like loader/ or ui/ around? Those are fine where they are right now, aren't they? Making the directory structure deeper will just make us type more and work with the repo slower. I suggest you only move the anaconda python files into pyanaconda/ -- won't that be enough?

The first patch seems to remove and add anaconda to the root again. Maybe it just appears weird because of the diff.

The second patch is called 'update build stuff' but it actually moves files. Or am I reading it wrong?

In any case---with a change like this please make sure that the compose passess and the images are bootable.


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