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Re: [F13-beta] two bugs at install : device not mounted and bad focus

> I'm currently testing F13-beta, and noticed two bugs that I think may be of your interest...
> First one : the device containing "image.img" is not mounted
> Steps to reproduce (there is certainly other means, but this one "works"...)
> -take any bootable USB stick, with only one partition (ext3 format)
> -With the LiceCD version of F13, use the script provided in "LiceOS" folder to make a bootable USB stick but give him the DVD image in parameters (though I think you'll get the same problem if you give it a CD image, but I didn't test it...)
> -Boot with this stick, and start your install
> -In the graphical wizard, since you have 2 disks (your HDD and the stick), you get asked for which drive you want to include in this installation : don't select the stick, but thick your hdd.
> -when you press next, you get a message telling you that "UUID=..." does not contain the image, please reboot!
> The key may be that my usb stick was formatted in ext3 (not vfat/fat32) at the beginning...

You definitely need to include the device that contains your media in
the installation, which means it needs to be selected in that initial
filter UI.  And, you shouldn't have to do that selection automatically
since anaconda can figure that out for you.

This sounds an awful lot like
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=568343 which should be fixed
as of anaconda-13.38-1.  I do not remember whether that's the beta or

- Chris

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