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Re: Restructuralization of the sources and data in git repo

On 05/14/2010 08:18 AM, Martin Sivak wrote:

I moved all data files to one subdirectory, which has the function of share directory in FHS terminology. The repository is much cleaner this way.

The second patch moves isys to another place, because my first intention was to make it part of pyanaconda package (it depends on pyutil). But during the build tests I figured out, that loader depends on it. Moving the files was the lesser evil in comparison to modifying all the loader sources (we use relative imports of isys header files). The dependency on iutil is then solved by PYTHONPATH in Makefiles and automake rules to move it to proper place after build.

Git format patch makes a monstrose changeset, because patch cannot handle file renames. It looks much better in git history.



I looked at the repo layout now and I like it a lot. Ack from me, but someone else who was more in love with the old layout ACKs that too.


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