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Re: LiveCD cherry picks for rhel6

On 05/14/2010 04:16 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
I'm in touch with lkundrak (the guy who's making the rhel6 livecd
isos from the public beta1) to test those. All of them have been
acked already, I'd just like you to let me know if you accidentally
can remember that they e.g. are dependent on other patches, etc.

Sorry, I do not remember if any of these are dependent on other patches.
You could have lkundrak start up a RHEL livecd, apply the patches to the
contents of /usr/lib/anaconda (or whatever other files they modify), and
run through an install to verify they work though.

- Chris

That would be nice, but I talked to him on IRC today and he says he's unable to get one more machine to test this now. I tested a bit that the patches don't break the normal install, so I'll go ahead and let him test it from the next beta.


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