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Re: Restructuralization of the sources and data in git repo

Actually, no..

moving loader and ui was just a cleanup to put all binary (arch specific) stuff in one place and arch independent (icons, glade files..) to another. I just considered ui/ to be in the same category as fonts, icons, ....

If I put loader/ back in root, I have to do the same for isys/ or change all loader source files.

Martin Sivák
msivak redhat com
Red Hat Czech
Anaconda team / Brno, CZ

----- "Chris Lumens" <clumens redhat com> wrote:

> > I moved all data files to one subdirectory, which has the function
> of
> > share directory in FHS terminology. The repository is much cleaner
> > this way.
> I do like the direction this is moving in, though I'm not sure I see
> much value in moving ui/ and loader/ either.  Those are pretty well
> contained specialized directories.  It's not a grab bag of crap like
> the
> top-level currently is.
> Does moving them help with test case writing or code simplification
> in
> some way?
> - Chris
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