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Re: [PATCH] Use "kernel-modules = version" style for locating rpms providing driver updates (#508242)

On Mon, 2010-05-17 at 16:25 +0200, Martin Sivak wrote:
> We used to have kernel-modules-<version> = anything, but we
> want to change it to make writing spec files more developer
> friendly. RPM exports the versions under different tag, so we
> basicly iterate two loops at once..

While you're changing this, can you do me a favor and also allow:

kernel-modules-release = <current major release>

This can be slightly different if you prefer. The idea is that some
kernel modules support more than just one minor release and I would like
to be able to make disks that cover two minor releases - for example,
6.0 and 6.1 if the driver is compatible with our kABI. So matching on
the kernel-modules is good and we should keep it (especially for
upstream) but there might also be some other dependency like the above
(you can make it whatever you like, it's not a real dependency, it's
something Anaconda should look for to know that it can use this disk
even if it is not exactly the same kernel) to tell anaconda that it is
ok to use this disk provided that we are on the same major release.

(bonus points if you can support >= to have disks that e.g. work with
RHEL6.1+ but not RHEL6.0, but that isn't as big a deal as we will be
clear when issuing disks which release they are intended for).


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