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Re: [master] memory: decrease the GUI limits a bit.

On 05/17/2010 09:46 PM, Dennis Gilmore wrote:

Not that it matters much i guess but doing a install on a sparc64 system with
384MB ram unless using a plan text install with the minimal package set i
always  get the install failing with OOM errors. as soon as i use vnc  even
with a minimal package set install fails


You are very right. We just discovered it yesterday with Zdenek Kabelac that the memory requirements for different architectures are varying tremendously! For instance PPC64 needs 1 gb to go through a gui install. We didn't try on sparc but I am going to assume something similar happens there if that's got 64 kbit pages. See

I am going to fix this accordingly on master and merge that for the rhel6 if a bug is opened there.


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