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Restarting anaconda.


While grooming rawhide for work on the threaded UI, I made a patch providing a shell script to restart the stage2 anaconda. This is for our internal development and debugging so we can avoid some reboots every day. There had to be a change in the loader too because the script needs to communicate with it that anaconda should be restarted. The mechanism this works is by writing an empty /tmp/restart-anaconda file and then killing anaconda and all its descendant processes. Even though I think this is fine, I welcome suggestions about a nicer/better way to do this.

I tested restarting anaconda early after its start and it works pretty reliably, even after storageinit. I think we will see problems when one does the restart after e.g. /mnt/sysimage is mounted or similar, but I'll try to fix those too so the restart method becomes pretty universal.

The second patch re-downloads updates.img with each restart so changes to the code can be done that way. (another way is modifying an uncompressed stage2 image directly, described here https://www.redhat.com/archives/anaconda-devel-list/2010-April/msg00359.html. That's more general, one can even add libs etc. to the image without rebooting.)

Hope you'll find this useful.

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