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Re: Restarting anaconda.


On 05/19/2010 04:48 PM, Ales Kozumplik wrote:

While grooming rawhide for work on the threaded UI, I made a patch
providing a shell script to restart the stage2 anaconda. This is for our
internal development and debugging so we can avoid some reboots every
day. There had to be a change in the loader too because the script needs
to communicate with it that anaconda should be restarted. The mechanism
this works is by writing an empty /tmp/restart-anaconda file and then
killing anaconda and all its descendant processes. Even though I think
this is fine, I welcome suggestions about a nicer/better way to do this.

I tested restarting anaconda early after its start and it works pretty
reliably, even after storageinit. I think we will see problems when one
does the restart after e.g. /mnt/sysimage is mounted or similar, but
I'll try to fix those too so the restart method becomes pretty universal.

The second patch re-downloads updates.img with each restart so changes
to the code can be done that way. (another way is modifying an
uncompressed stage2 image directly, described here
That's more general, one can even add libs etc. to the image without

Oooooh, you rock, rock I tell you! Ack for both.



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