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Re: Re-thinking the filter-ui

> People think that they need to select the disks which they want to
> install to, so if they for example have 2 disks, 1 with windows,
> and 1 free disk, they only select the free disk.

I've tried to take care of some of this confusion with recent string
changes to ui/filter.glade (c8237ba25bef2d749c8fb128516a9fe9e187b55f in
particular), and I'm hoping we can take care of some more of it in
documentation.  Still, it's a new screen in partitioning land and will
require getting used to.  There's always room for improvement though.

> 1) When basic storage configuration is shown, simply skip the
> filter UI completely (leaving exclusive disks empty, and behaving
> as pre filter-ui and as kickstart still works). This has the
> IMHO large advantage of removing the confusion with having 2 disk
> selection screens.

We could certainly do this.  However, it means there's nowhere for the
user to select the boot device, as that's currently only on the
cleardisks screen.

> 2) In the clear disks ui, make the boot device a drop down below
> the 2 disk panes, much like it was before the UI changes. As the bugs
> we've been getting about it being unclear how to select which disk
> to boot from, and the above use case illustrate what we currently
> have does not work all that well from a UI pov.

We could also do that, in which case I'd just want to kill the existing
"Boot Device" column in the right hand pane.

I'm not sure that a drop down fits in the existing UI very well, but
it's worth exploring.  What we've currently got is a tradeoff anyway.
The original design included a separate screen for just the boot device
selection, but I wanted to keep the number of new screens to a minimum.
Hence the column that you see today.

If we can come up with a way to make it not look out of place, I'm okay
with adding another widget there.

- Chris

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