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Re: [PATCH rhel6-branch] Use progressbar instead of waitwindow for repo setup (#584996)

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Radek Vykydal (rvykydal redhat com) said:
We can set callback for URLGrabber - that is download part
of repo setup so let's use pulse progress bar here. For sack
setup, we don't have usable callback, and also it is pretty
quick so let's keep using wait window for it.

I am not using normal (growing) progress bar for repo setup
because I would have to update it per downloaded repo metadata
file which would be needlessly fine-grained feedback for user.

I believe the general UI recommendations are that pulse progress
bars are bad, and the busy cursor should be used instead. Mo?

Hm, that's something worth considering. It's the
opposite of what the reporter wants. But specifically for
anaconda UI in present state, pulse bar seems to give
better feedback user experience than busy cursor
because we have single-threaded UI, and pulse bar
does windows refresh (repaint of background) with
each pulse which waiting dialog with busy cursor does
not at all.

E.g. when user becomes impatient, and moves waiting window
with busy cursor, the background is cleared without repaint
which adds to doubt that install is stuck, while with pulse
bar window, the background is repainted with next pulse
suggesting that Anaconda is really alive.

Ales Kozumplik is planning to rewrite UI to be threaded
but it doesn't seem to appear soon in rhel.


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