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How to shrink the lorax install image ?


as some of you may know, the main goal of lorax was to get rid of keepfiles.
While in buildinstall we have a list of files we want to have in the install.img,
in lorax we would like to have a list of things to remove, from the install tree,
and put everything that is left to the install.img.

There's one problem with this. The install image from lorax has more than 400MB
right now, the one from buildinstall has only 150MB.

So I created a list of files that are in the lorax install.img, and not in the
buildinstall install image. There are 26000 files which we could remove,
but obviously I don't want to just use that diff in lorax and remove everything,
because that would be unmaintainable.

You can download the list here http://mgracik.fedorapeople.org/install_image_diff.txt

So I would like to have a discussion with you guys, if we can come up with some ideas,
what can we get rid of from the list with some kind of algorithms, globs etc.
It would be nice if we could find some "relations" between some of the files, and
remove all of them at once, not one file at a time.

I appreciate any kind of help. :)


  Martin Gracik

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