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Re: Re-thinking the filter-ui

> >>1) When basic storage configuration is shown, simply skip the
> >>filter UI completely (leaving exclusive disks empty, and behaving
> >>as pre filter-ui and as kickstart still works). This has the
> >>IMHO large advantage of removing the confusion with having 2 disk
> >>selection screens.
> >
> >We could certainly do this.  However, it means there's nowhere for the
> >user to select the boot device, as that's currently only on the
> >cleardisks screen.
> >
> I think you're miss understanding me here, I'm suggesting to not
> show the filter ui (just leave exclusive disks empty) and keep showing
> the cleardisks screen, so people will still be able to select their
> bootdev.

Oh, I see.

I think if we do that, we'll need to reword the basic vs. advanced
screen.  We might also need to redefine what's advanced and what's
basic, too.  A system could certainly have a ton of basic devices - in
fact, s390 does since its devices show up as "basic".  And we definitely
want those systems to be able to pass through the filter UI.  s390 was
one of the primary cases for coming up with all this stuff in the first

So I think what we'd have to do is make it clear to the user that
they're choosing whether they want to filter out their storage devices
or not, and then do the skip.

If you want to open a bug for this, I'll take a look hopefully next

- Chris

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