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Re: [master 2/2] Redownload and extract updates.img during anaconda restart.

> >It seems like we're bound to start building up a longer and longer list
> >of these sorts of things that will need to be done on restart, doesn't
> >it?  Any ideas for what to do once there are three or four tasks that
> >need to be done?
> We'll refactor like insane people so that everything's at one place
> and the code doesn't repeat itself!

Alright - just as long as you're thinking about this now.

> >I looked for a good while for some code that we already have that does
> >this, but it turns out there isn't any.  Barring that, pjones suggests
> >copying this code:
> >
> >http://git.kernel.org/?p=utils/util-linux-ng/kzak/libmount.git;a=blob;f=sys-utils/switch_root.c;h=c43225da2e14dbc671251a037caef022b5b35c40;hb=HEAD#l41
> >
> >It's already in use, and it already handles some corner cases.  I just
> >wish it were in a library.
> Uh, I'll use it then. I can never understand why glib in all it's
> greatness doesn't support recursive_delete(path,follow_symlinks).


And yes, everything like this should be in a library where we can
actually use it.  I hate having to suggest you reduce code duplication
in one place, only to suggest you duplicate some code elsewhere.

- Chris

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