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Re: Obtaining the list of files generated by anaconda

> i'm new to anaconda. I'm trying to investigate if it's possible to track the 
> installation process in order to distinguish between files written in the target 
> volume that are generated depending on the configuration specified by the user
> and those that are extracted from RPM packages.

The list of files that were extracted from .rpm packages can be generated
after installation by something like:
    rpm -ql $( rpm -qa )
which lists all the installed packages (rpm -qa) then lists all the files
(rpm -ql) in those packages.  You may have to specify the format of package
names produced by (rpm -qa) to include the $ARCH if there are both .i686
and .x86_64 packages.

The list of all files in a running system is something like:
    find $( ls -d /*  |  egrep -v '^/proc$|^/sys$' )
Then subtract the two lists, probably using 'sort' and 'comm'.

The list of all files created during installation can be captured via
    strace -p <PID-of-anaconda> -o strace.out -f -e trace=open
which should be entered to the shell on VT2 when the splash screen
appears on VT6.  Do a "ps -ax" to figure out the process id (PID) of
anaconda.  Of course some of these may be temporary files for
installation only, so use "-e trace=open,unlink" and then subtract.


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