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Re: Cleanup loader STEP_IP failure recovery

On 11/02/2010 09:42 PM, James Laska wrote:

While talking to Richard Hughes about a 'preupgrade' use case that requires
networking to download stage#2 during the install process, we discussed adding
boot options "ksdevice=link ip=dhcp" to get things working with no user prompts
for 95% of users.  For the other 5% that [do,can] not use DHCP, loader doesn't
currently let you go back and choose a different interface or tweak the IP
parameters once you boot with "ksdevice=____ and ip=____".  Basically, you are
presented with a dialog to [Retry] which won't work unless there is a DHCP
server responding.

James, thanks for the patch, I have a Fedora bug for what it does
but doesn't the use case disappear with advent of Giant initrd?

Anyway it seems still relevant for stage 1 network configuration
in rhel 6, though I have no such a bug filed for rhel 6 yet.

I'll try to look at it.


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