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Re: Cleanup loader STEP_IP failure recovery

On Wed, 2010-11-03 at 13:44 +0100, Radek Vykydal wrote:
> On 11/02/2010 09:42 PM, James Laska wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > While talking to Richard Hughes about a 'preupgrade' use case that requires
> > networking to download stage#2 during the install process, we discussed adding
> > boot options "ksdevice=link ip=dhcp" to get things working with no user prompts
> > for 95% of users.  For the other 5% that [do,can] not use DHCP, loader doesn't
> > currently let you go back and choose a different interface or tweak the IP
> > parameters once you boot with "ksdevice=____ and ip=____".  Basically, you are
> > presented with a dialog to [Retry] which won't work unless there is a DHCP
> > server responding.
> >
> >    
> James, thanks for the patch, I have a Fedora bug for what it does
> (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=504983),
> but doesn't the use case disappear with advent of Giant initrd?

Yes, I'm glad you asked.  That particular use case will go away with
giant initrd.  Unfortunately for preupgrade, it will might be replaced
by a harder to solve problem (see bug#646843) when 500M /boot doesn't
have enough space.

> Anyway it seems still relevant for stage 1 network configuration
> in rhel 6, though I have no such a bug filed for rhel 6 yet.

Thanks.  I think this behavior has been there for some time.  I've
typically just rebooted and adjusted my arguments, or updated the ks.cfg
to use the correct NIC.  But I think with the patch, it will avoid
having to reboot and allow the user to select a different device or IP


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