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Re: [PATCH] Don't write /etc/rpm/macros. (#650490)

Chris Lumens (clumens redhat com) said: 
> > This branch == rhel6-branch, if I wasn't obvious. Although, I
> > wouldn't argue against it on master either.
> Though, I'd prefer to remove all the callers and the method entirely.

In looking, this function is called from /usr/bin/anaconda, and
yuminstall.py:doBackendSetup(), both to write the config for the
yum/rpm instance that anaconda uses. That implies that anaconda currently
sets it to prefer 32-bit binaries if a binary exists for both arches in
the transaction. Given that we set multilib_policy=best, and we compose
with ppc64 as primary, this shouldn't be an issue in any default 
installation. However, if someone manually adds <foo>.ppc to their
package set (via kickstart, or whatever) this would change the behavior
they see.

Do we still want to change this in released RHEL? While it's a behavior
change, I think the current behavior (where yum preferred 64-bit packages,
but you got 32-bit binaries if you installed both) is a bit nonsensical.


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