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[RFC] Anaconda Maintenance Releases

A problem that we are running into more often with the livecd and spins
projects is that after a release things can break due to anaconda being
frozen and the packages it depends on moving on.

eg. NetworkManager or udev changes something, and since Anaconda isn't
updated after the release it breaks for people trying to spin new,
updated media. rhbz#624028 is one example of this. I expect it to become
more of a problem as we move forward.

What would you think about a change to the Anaconda release cycle that
would be very limited in scope:

Designate someone as the maintenance manager for previous releases. They
would field bugs related to Anaconda and changes in dependent packages.
The goal would be to make the minimum amount of change needed to
maintain creation of the official media using the base+updates repos and
the official kickstart files. We would only support Anaconda in
currently supported Fedora releases, which is currently f12, f13, f14
with f12 support being dropped next month IIRC.

Hopefully the changes would amount to cherry-picking fixes/changes from
a newer release or from master and applying it.

Given the popularity of LiveCD's and Spins I think this is a reasonable
change to how things are being done right now. And I volunteer myself as
the Anaconda maintenance manager.

I have created a wiki page here:


Brian C. Lane | Anaconda Team | IRC: bcl #anaconda | Port Orchard, WA (PST8PDT)

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