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Re: [RFC] Anaconda Maintenance Releases

> A problem that we are running into more often with the livecd and spins
> projects is that after a release things can break due to anaconda being
> frozen and the packages it depends on moving on.

I am not quite so enthusiastic about these proposals, seeing as how
often they have come and gone.  The previous attempt was to do some
limited maintainence by Fedora Unity, but I haven't seen anything happen
there for quite a while now.

But if you are more enthusiastic, maybe there is hope.

> eg. NetworkManager or udev changes something, and since Anaconda isn't
> updated after the release it breaks for people trying to spin new,
> updated media. rhbz#624028 is one example of this. I expect it to become
> more of a problem as we move forward.

For some of these changes, I think the fix is to stop throwing crud into
updates that breaks the release.  But then, no one wants to hear that.

> They
> would field bugs related to Anaconda and changes in dependent packages.

Are you interested in fixes that allow rebuilds to continue, or also
fixes to handle anaconda bugs?  By that I mean, does a partitioning bug
get fixed in an update or not?  If so, you need established criteria for
what patches are eligible.  Otherwise you are going to have people
clamoring for every little thing.

Perhaps being listed as a CommonBug is a good bar to meet, assuming
you'd even want to take these sorts of patches.  Also, being on master
first would be good.

> The goal would be to make the minimum amount of change needed to
> maintain creation of the official media using the base+updates repos and
> the official kickstart files.

I think this answers a bit of what I was getting at on the previous
point.  Still, I think people are going to want other fixes included so
we should either think that through or come up with why we're saying no.

> Hopefully the changes would amount to cherry-picking fixes/changes from
> a newer release or from master and applying it.

I think you'll find the cherry-picking gets more difficult over time as
master diverges from fXX-branch.

> Given the popularity of LiveCD's and Spins I think this is a reasonable
> change to how things are being done right now. And I volunteer myself as
> the Anaconda maintenance manager.

What happens when you get sick of it?

Also, how do we test this?  Can we rely on the existing updates testing

- Chris

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