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Re: [RFC] Anaconda Maintenance Releases

> I think limiting the changes is the key to making this successful.
> Existing fixes or community patches would make sure that we aren't
> spending a bunch of time dealing with the old versions. CommonBugs I'm
> not so sure about, unless there is an exist patch.

So you would limit patches to only those required to make anaconda
continue to build and run on respins?  That is, no patches to fix
partitioning errors, package selection errors, etc.?

I'm fine with that.  It would just need to be explained somewhere public
to set expectations.

> That's very true. My hope, which is likely overly optimistic, is that
> the fixes will usually come from the next release's branch.

Ideally, we'd keep the number of non-master patches to a minimum.  We'll
see how that plays out.

> Tested by using the official kickstart files with the official base and
> update repo. I don't want to spend time chasing errors in non-standard
> kickstarts or user's repositories. Success is if the generted iso boots
> and can be used to do an install.

Sounds reasonable.  Perhaps James has further thoughts on this portion.

- Chris

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