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Re: [PATCH] unit test fixes

On Wed, 2010-11-10 at 12:57 -0500, Chris Lumens wrote:
> The following tests cause the unit tests to work again, for the most part.
> The stuff in tests/storage_test/devicelibs_test is is really rough shape,
> though.  The crypto test just sits there spinning its wheels indefinitely and
> the others fail for a variety of reasons.

They probably haven't been run since they were written.

> I wonder how much of them are still valid at all, really.  There's a
> storage_test/storagetestcase.py and a storage_test/devicelibs_test/baseclass.py.
> Those have got to overlap to some degree.  Does anyone know what the status of
> these are?

storage_test/devicelibs_test/baseclass.py is a fairly low-level test
case base class that manages loop devices on which the devicelibs test
cases operate.

storage_test/storagetestcase.py is a fairly high-level storage test case
base class for testing the Storage, DeviceTree, and DeviceAction
classes. It creates a mocked-up pyanaconda.storage.Storage instance with
a mocked-up pyanaconda.Anaconda instance. All of the places in
devicelibs and elsewhere that normally touch or examine system devices
are stubbed out to prevent any device/filesystem access on the host

> My intention is to add this to checkbot so we get unit test results nightly.
> That should also help the tests themselves not break so frequently.

Excellent idea.


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