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Single UI install screen for the novice end users.

A while back I filed 445701 and since you guys are actively looking at what to do with the UI as a whole I'm going to share with you again more or less the same idea that I had back then.

It is my experience through out the years that dealing with novice end users installing Fedora is that they do not understand what the installer is asking them about and explaining it to them is just futile attempt because they simple do not care or do not understand and respond to you with aha...

So I ask you this why bother to let them jump through all those hoops and ui screens clicking next next nex to accept the default anyway that and why not present them with a single ui screen after the welcome/licence screen instead that collects all the required user input and offers him to simply click install with the rest of the option defaulting to sane defaults ( same as he would have clicked next next next install ).

something that has this all presented on the same ui screen ( could be drop down menu ).

"select language"
"select keyboard layout"

if Anaconda had network connection ( which would have been detected by dhcp ) it could potential guess those fields via geoip and ofcourse offer the user to change the "detected" value if no network connection exist it could guess those values based on the field selected.

"set root password."

You can throw in there the option to "set time date" thou I personally fail to see why this is necessary since the user is asked to provide this information during firstboot.

[ Button Upgrade] [ Button Install ] [ Button Advanced users or Custom Configuration ]

Clicking upgrade would upgrade you previous installation.
Clicking Install would require you to fill in the above and with rest as if user had selected/clicked next next next install.. Clicking Advanced/Custom install users would present experienced users that might have any idea what's being ask for to customize other variables such as the hostname partitioning bootloader order boot loader password so fourth and so on.

Máirín is possible for you to sketch an design with the simple single ui design in mind ?


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