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Re: Anaconda looking for "disc1" folder when creating install tree from Centos 5.5 DVD

> The issue that I'm running in to is that Anaconda appears to be looking
> for a folder ("disc1") that is not in my installation tree and trying to
> download two files (product.img and updates.img) which are not located
> anywhere on my filesystem.
> To create the installation tree, I downloaded the Centos 5.5 DVD,
> mounted it using "-o loop" and copied the content into the relevant
> directory.
> I assume that the rest of the install tree is correct as Anaconda is
> able to start and to download minstg2.img from the tree.
> The entries in the Anaconda log match those in the webserver log - it'[s
> a simple 404.

Just so you have some context as to what's going wrong, the repo
metadata on the CD/DVD has special URLs that point into the images.  The
repo metadata on network installs (and all other installs) do not.  This
is the media://<some giant ID>#<disc num> stuff.

So yeah, running createrepo is the right thing to do.

- Chris

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