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Re: User Experience improvements for Anaconda

Here are my thoughts on the points raised by the live CD walkthrough
(https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/F14_Live_Media_Install).  At some
point I will look at the other pages and also come up with some thoughts
of my own about what should be done with the UI.  I just wanted to first
answer some of the questions and explain what's going on right now.

- As mentioned on #anaconda, let's just kill the "Boot from local disk"/"Exit
  installer" option.

GDM Automatic Login Screen
- Screenshot isn't present.
- I don't think we really do any GDM configuration here.  It's just whatever
  is shipped as part of the gdm package.  We can probably take care of the
  automatic login part in anaconda, but other UI improvements will need to go
  into the package.

Click to Install Icon
- We like the livecd to look as much like a regular system as possible, which
  is why it looks this way.  There's the icon on the screen and also a menu

Anaconda Screen 1
- Already gone.

Keyboard Screen
- Ideally we'd treat this like language - remove it entirely and either use
  what was set up in GDM or from running the system configuration tool.  Failing
- Shortening the list is probably not the direction people want us to go.  We
  get bugs all the time about adding even more keyboard layouts.
- I don't think it has search or type-ahead, but that could be added.
- "latin1" is the variant for a particular layout.  I think it means something
  to people who know what they want.

Basic or Specialized
- It already defaults to basic, hence the radio button.
- We can't let you decide this later.  This will decide what storage devices
  you want anaconda to look at, and that affects install vs. upgrade, what
  devices are used for partitioning, and where the bootloader goes.  It
  basically blinds anaconda to all other devices.

- This is the network hostname, which you'll see from the "hostname" command
  and if you ever attempt to access the computer via ssh, http, etc.
- "Configure Network" allows bringing up the network if you want to install
  from a network source and make sure the network is enabled after you reboot.
  It's the equivalent of firing off the nm-applet up in the top right corner.
  It's probably shaded out for the same reason nm-applet isn't enabled either.
- If your local name server has a name for your computer, anaconda will fill
  that in as a suggestion.  Unfortunately, you don't appear to have any
  networking at all here.
- This screen is a whole lot of grey and I'd love to merge it with another one
  or kill it outright.

- This has totally changed around for F15 already.  It's worth reinvestigating

Root Password
- It will warn you after you hit Next if your password fails for various
  reasons (length, strength, type of characters, etc.).  We could do that as
  you type as well.  That already exists in firstboot so doing it in anaconda
  is consistent.
- This screen is also a whole lot of grey and is just asking to be merged or

Installation hard drive pattern selection
- There's already one picked for you, hence the radio button.  If you don't
  know what you want, think about what you've got installed on the system and
  compare it to the descriptions of what each one does.

Partition layout
- Partitioning is hard and requires a lot of UI to work.  While we can be doing
  a better job, it's never going to be a super easy process.  Luckily, it's
  entirely optional and you can choose to just take the defaults.

- I'd love to kill or rework this screen too.

- We certainly can bring back the ransom notes.  I think the never-changing
  image is boring.  All we need is images.

Firstboot splash
- If it's not been killed already, it should go.

License Information
- As long as Legal requires it, yes it needs to stay.  If you want to do
  something here, please talk to them about it first.

Date and Time
- I believe this comes from a system-config tool just being wrapped by
  firstboot.  So, we need to direct comments there.  It's likely not designed
  to be wrapped like this, though.  At the least we need to kill the pointless

- Chris

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