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Re: Proposal for --noformat handling

> I'm not clear here how you need this level of complexity just to
> get --noformat volumes mounted. I feel like I'm missing some critical
> underlying information.

For a long time now, we've been telling people that anaconda/kickstart's
not going to grow an option for every single mkfs feature there is.
They need to use %pre to create the filesystems and then specify them in
kickstart with --noformat.  People seem to be happy with that as it lets
them do whatever they want.

On the other hand, sometimes we get bug reports from people who have
chosen to reuse their existing installation's / in a new installation,
but do not format it.  This is either through --noformat or through the
UI.  dlehman has a patch to make sure / is formatted, but that will kill
the advantages of the above paragraph.

So, we need a way to have --noformat work for the first group while
still failing for the second group.

- Chris

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