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Re: User Experience improvements for Anaconda

On 11/17/2010 08:50 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
- This is the network hostname, which you'll see from the "hostname" command
   and if you ever attempt to access the computer via ssh, http, etc.
- "Configure Network" allows bringing up the network if you want to install
   from a network source and make sure the network is enabled after you reboot.
   It's the equivalent of firing off the nm-applet up in the top right corner.

Unfortunately is equivalent to right click NM Applet -> Edit Connections...
We are missing the other stuff from NM Applet.

   It's probably shaded out for the same reason nm-applet isn't enabled either.

My plan is: no network configuration in anaconda for Live CD,
configure or bring it up/down it in the LiveCD environment.
It is working by coincidence now, the button is grayed-out
because there are no ifcfg files in Live CD env.


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