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Firstboot Create User screen

Hi, I would like to make little changes to the Create User screen in firstboot. You can see the new screen here http://mgracik.fedorapeople.org/create_user.png

The "Strong password" label changes while the user is typing the password. If it passes cracklib fascist check, it is Strong, otherwise it is Weak. I actually have a custom password strength library ready, which has 7 levels of password strength, and I would like to use it to have nicer password checking, but I have to add it to firstboot first, or somewhere else...

The check icon after the second password entry shows up if the entered passwords are the same, otherwise it is not there.

I removed the Confirm Password label, because I think it's obvious that the second entry is to confirm the password. But maybe it's not so obvious for everybody, so I can return it back.

Please tell me what you think.


  Martin Gracik

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