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Re: [PATCH master] Networking UI - integration of NM Applet

On 11/22/2010 06:00 PM, James Laska wrote:
On Fri, 2010-11-19 at 02:34 -0500, Martin Gracik wrote:
I actually like Radek's panel applet. It is very familiar for me, not like some other confusing network setup dialog I've never seen before.
Maybe we could make the whole installer look more like desktop, that could be interesting.
If we go with the applet approach, would it make sense for loader to
start a session manager and panel in addition to anaconda?

That would be only for graphic installation (not text, cmdline).
At the moment, X and metacity are started from anaconda
(post loader). But it is a detail, I think your point was
adding the session manager and panel.

  The session
would be preconfigured to start a certain panel configuration, along
with auto-starting anaconda?  The reason I suggest this is that the
built-in applet approach will make less sense when running anaconda on a
live system that already has a desktop session, panel and applets.

With my patch, the panel and applet are not run in Live CD.
In Live CD - its NM applet is supposed to be used for network

So the question is, should we converge on the experience by instead
moving the panel and session into the DVD/CD install experience?

I can't see that far, but now we probably don't want to
grow freshly giganto initrd.img much. That is why I am using
lightweight fbpanel instead of gnome-panel. I'd be careful
with adding more stuff that is needed from functional (networking
configuration) point of view now. What troubles me is whether
users would swallow adding panel experience into DVD install
- I personally think that yes.


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