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Re: User Experience improvements for Anaconda

> I like the idea of not having root, and having only a local user setup with sudo rights
> in anaconda. Then if I really need the root account, I can do it in command line manually.
> In my opinion anaconda+firstboot should make life easier for people who don't know much
> about the system. If you're an advanced user, and really need a root user account,
> you should already have the knowledge how to create it in command line by yourself.
> You shouldn't need a GUI wizard for that.

True, but I also think we need to strike a balance to make sure things
aren't too much of a pain on the advanced user.  I mean, I like to think
of myself as an advanced user as well and I'd prefer things to not be
more difficult for me than they have to.

It seems like we can strike some balance here.  Perhaps we start by
merging the root password and create user screens together and offering
some sort of choice.  You can choose to set up a root password, or you
can choose to create a regular user account and put that user into sudo.
Default to the second choice.  I'm not sure if we can make that make
sense in the UI though.

- Chris

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