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Re: User Experience improvements for Anaconda

Martin Gracik <mgracik redhat com> wrote:
> To set up the password you need to fill in 2 text entries. Creating a
> new user is just 1 text entry more, your name, as the username would be
> suggested and filled in automatically. I don't see 1 text entry as a
> deal breaker.

But then I have an unnecessary account that I have to go back later and

> > In the end, that's what I object to.  It feels like an attempt to enforce
> > a policy that I don't agree with.  Let it be default to set up a local user
> > account.  But also let it be an option to bypass that and (or in addition)
> > set the root password.
> I know how you feel, there are many policies I don't agree with too, but
> they are used because many people believe, that it's better that way.

Shouldn't it be the organization using the software that sets policy, rather
than the software vendor?


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