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Re: User Experience improvements for Anaconda

On Wed, 2010-11-24 at 07:07 -0800, Steve Allen wrote:
> Martin Gracik <mgracik redhat com> wrote:
> > To set up the password you need to fill in 2 text entries. Creating a
> > new user is just 1 text entry more, your name, as the username would be
> > suggested and filled in automatically. I don't see 1 text entry as a
> > deal breaker.
> But then I have an unnecessary account that I have to go back later and
> delete.
> > > In the end, that's what I object to.  It feels like an attempt to enforce
> > > a policy that I don't agree with.  Let it be default to set up a local user
> > > account.  But also let it be an option to bypass that and (or in addition)
> > > set the root password.
> > 
> > I know how you feel, there are many policies I don't agree with too, but
> > they are used because many people believe, that it's better that way.
> Shouldn't it be the organization using the software that sets policy, rather
> than the software vendor?

I don't think it works like this all the time. For example, you have
SELinux enabled by default in Fedora. You also have firewall enabled by
default. Enabling those tools by default is a policy Fedora is
enforcing, and you as a user (or organization) can disable it manually.
This is similar to the root account situation.

> Steve

Martin Gracik <mgracik redhat com>

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