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Re: User Experience improvements for Anaconda

On Wed, 2010-11-24 at 07:37 -0800, Steve Allen wrote:
> Martin Gracik <mgracik redhat com> wrote:
> > I don't think it works like this all the time. For example, you have
> > SELinux enabled by default in Fedora. You also have firewall enabled by
> > default. Enabling those tools by default is a policy Fedora is
> > enforcing, and you as a user (or organization) can disable it manually.
> > This is similar to the root account situation.
> I disagree.  They may be on by default, but I can turn them off in the
> installer.  So they're not enforced.
> Not allowing a root password to be set but rather requiring a user account
> to be created, that's enforced.
> Steve

Can we please keep this on the mailing list?

I'm not 100% sure now, but I think, in older versions, you could turn
them off after boot in firstboot, not during the installation. That's
not possible in F14 anymore at all.

We could still provide a way of skipping the user creation and setting
root password in kickstart installations. This way also vendors
preinstalling the OS for their customers could leave the user creation
for the actual users in firstboot.

My concern now is just the GUI installation. During GUI install, you
cannot disable SELinux or firewall. And I think it would be better to
have a normal user creation instead of setting root password in the GUI
screen as well.

Martin Gracik <mgracik redhat com>

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