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Re: User Experience improvements for Anaconda

> > I'm not 100% sure now, but I think, in older versions, you could turn
> > them off after boot in firstboot, not during the installation. That's
> > not possible in F14 anymore at all.
> I just got done installing F14.  You're right, that wasn't an option
> during the install.  Bummer.  More work for me.

Those options haven't existed since way back around F8 or FC6 or
somewhere.  It's been a very, very long time.

For SELinux at least, it's because we consider running SELinux to be
part of what's included in a running Fedora system.  The firewall is
just a good idea.

> I don't like it that options are being taken away.  First it was the "install
> everything" option.  Now it's a royal PITA to do the equivalent.  Now the
> selinux and firewall options have gone away.  Next it'll be the root password.
> You may color me a grouchy old man, but I like having the flexibility to
> _install_ things the way I want, rather than having to come back and _fix_
> them after the install.

To be fair, all of these things are still available via kickstart and if
you are doing a large number of installs, it does make sense that you
would be using kickstart for them.  I don't see whether you are or not
given the flood of email I'm constantly being buried under, though.

- Chris

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