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Re: [PATCH 7/7] Convert livecd.py to use the storage module where appropriate.

> Weird. I could swear I tested this. Also, wow -- I mistakenly assumed
> all of anaconda's classes were new-style.

AnacondaBackend is old, old stuff.

> > You could also convert backend.py:doBackendSetup to just pass instead of
> > raise an error, and then get rid of this method entirely.  I'd be fine
> > with that.
> There are at least eight of these that raise NotImplementedError. I like
> the idea of making them pass instead.

The way I see it, if a method is strictly required to be implemented by
all backends, the abstract one should raise NIE.  If it's not strictly
required, it should just pass.

> While I like that idea, further thought leads to the unfortunate detail
> of rebuilding the fstype combo based on the current value of mountpoint,
> which is distasteful at best.


- Chris

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